Redwood Walkers

Treeing Walker Big Game Hounds
of Northern California

"The cries of the ideal hound should be steady and regular when following clear scent, should cease when it is trying to overcome a problem, such as that set by a beast which had gone back on its tracks as a ruse to deceive the hounds, and should be redoubled when it found the true scent again... The top hound must not give up on its beast, not for rain nor wind nor heat nor any other weather. The top hound could run with its nose in the air or to the ground as the terrain dictated..." -French 14th Century Houndsman


Female. UKC/AKC Treeing Walker Coonhound.
Bred by Charley Pankey. Born 11/05/2006. DNA-P.
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"Aspen" is a very consistant dog, hunt her every day, or once a year, and she'll give you the same results. She is very level headed, and is always a pleasure to hunt. She handles like none other and never needs a leash. She has exeptional heart and drive, and gives her all everytime. She has a high pitched squall-bawl on track and a ringing chop mouth on tree. She's very honest, never babbles, and has a tight mouth until she's moving out. She has a good cold nose, can move a track, and really has speed and patience on an old bad track.  She's a hard, steady, stay put pressure treedog, that tree's mostly sitting down. She is very accurate, and a quick locator.  She's a good rig and start dog - she's one the very best all around dogs you will find.

Qualified for 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 UKC World Show
2009 Walker Sectional Field Trial Queen
UKC Reserve Best in Multi-Breed Show Winner
Two wins towards UKC Grand Field Champion


Female. UKC/AKC Treeing Walker Coonhound.
Bred by Donna Roberson. Born 05/06/2005. DNA-P. 
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"Kelly" is a full littermate sister to my late Crash dog. Kelly's best traits like so many in her line, is her exceptional winding, rigging, and striking ability. She is also a fast track driver, runs to catch, extremely gritty with a loud screaming mouth. She's as hard a treedog as you can find, and too smart for her own good. She's 110% Beardog, day after day, and doesn't know the meaning of quit. I don't believe you will find many dogs tougher than she is. She's one of the best beardogs we've had the privelage to own.

Qualified for 2010 & 2011 UKC World Show

2009 & 2010 Walker Sectional Queen of Show
2009 Walker Sectional Water Race Queen
20 Points toward UKC Field Champion
10 Points toward UKC Water Champion


Male. UKC/AKC Treeing Walker Coonhound.
Bred by Casey Cardwell. Born 07/01/2009. DNA-P. 
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is my Wild Clover bred dog that hails from Utah. He is very smart and level headed. He has an extremely cold nose, a huge long beautiful bawl mouth on track, and is a hard - on the wood, overpowering loud chop-mouth treedog. He is a true first strike, first tree type of dog. He's very independent, with plenty of heart, and drive. He can do it all from truck to tree, alone or with company. He's a very nice consistant dog, and does an excellent job on bear, coon and fox.

Qualified for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 UKC World Show
2011 Walker Sectional Field Trial King
2011 Walker Sectional King of Show
Three wins toward UKC Grand Water Champion
40 points toward AKC Bench Show Champion


Female. UKC/AKC Treeing Walker Coonhound.
Bred by Redwood Walkers. Born 05/05/2011. DNA-P.
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"Shasta" is my oldest daughter of Kelly, and a granddaughter to Aspen. Her litter was a very long awaited line-bred litter. So far she seems to have all the qualities I was striving to produce from this line - extreme drive, speed, heart, with natural rigging and track starting ability  and a huge screaming mouth. I see a lot of her mother, grandfather and her grandmother in her, and hopefully she will finish out to be a total mixture of all three.

Qualified for 2012 & 2014 UKC World Show


Male. UKC/AKC Treeing Walker Coonhound.
Bred by Redwood Walkers. Born 03/24/2012. DNA-VIP.
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"Frosty" is my young male out of Gamble & Kelly. He has a HUGE bawl mouth on track, and settles into a hard loud short bawl-chop on tree, and is very hard to distinguish from his father, except he may be louder at times. He has tons of drive, brains, and natural ability. He's been going on track and hunting since the first time I turned him loose and gets better every day. He is an amazing natural strike dog at a very young age. Very tough with an outstanding temperament. 

90 points toward UKC Field Champion
10 points towards UKC Water Champion
80 points toward UKC Conformation Champion


Female. UKC/AKC Treeing Walker Coonhound.
Bred by Redwood Walkers. Born 03/24/2012
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"Sierra" is also out of the Gamble & Kelly cross. Though she get's a lot of attention due to her unique ticked-up coloring and long ears, she's commonly mistaken and refered to by most as "bluetick" - this girl is most deffinately 100% Walker. She has a super good nose, open mouth trailer, and can flat blister a track. She knows how to start a track and get it going, and isn't afraid to do so. She has a loud very strange "werewolf" sounding mouth, she never makes the same bark more than once. She is tough and has a wonderful personality.

45 points toward UKC Show Champion


Female. UKC Treeing Walker Coonhound.
Bred by Redwood Walkers. Born 05/06/2010
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"Sage" is a daughter of Aspen and littermate sister to our late Trinity. She was sold as a pup and was raised and trained by a top fox and cat hunter in southern California. She then was sold as a very nice young dog because she could not be broke from catching bears. She just recently made her way home to our kennel when her previous owner quit hunting completely. We feel she is a very welcome part of the pack. Smart, easy handling, and a lot of heart and grit. She's not a real flashy dog but she gets the job done on bear, fox and coon.

25 points toward UKC Show Champion


Female. UKC/AKC Treeing Walker Coonhound.
Bred by Devin Staker. Born 04/29/2013
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"Quincy" is one of our younger additions, coming to us from Colorado. She is heavily bred along the same lines as Gamble, and is a very welcome part of the pack and our breeding program in the future. She has an oustanding temperment, drive and natural instinct. She has been able to catch her own game, from start to finish, at a very young age, and only impresses us more every time out. Shown above at 9 months old.

55 points toward UKC Show Champion
80 points towards UKC Conformation Champion


Male. UKC/AKC Treeing Walker Coonhound.
Bred by Redwood Walkers. Born 11/01/2013
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"Legend" is my pick pup out of the very long awaited Gamble and Aspen cross. After about his 6th time in the woods at the age of 5 months old, he is already a hard tireless hunter, running track and treeing on wild coons in less than favorable conditions. He has a huge bawl mouth on track and triple chop on tree. We're very excited about this young dog, and he very well may live up to his name and be legendary. Pictured above at 5 months old.


MAY 6, 2010 - NOVEMBER 13, 2012


Female. UKC/AKC Treeing Walker Coonhound.
Bred by Redwood Walkers. Born 05/06/2010. DNA-P.
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